About the Choir

Welcome to Bad Vibrations Community Choir!                                       
If you love to sing but haven’t sung in a choir, don’t read music or just feel you can’t hold a tune – you’re in the right place! But if you can do any of that then great, you can help the rest of us.
Our Choir was formed in 2017 by Robin and Sarah. Their vision was to create a choir for people who aren’t confident enough to join a ‘proper’ choir - where people can meet, enjoy singing and develop their confidence amongst friends. The emphasis is on having fun, and learning at your own pace.
The choir meet every Tuesday at Abbey Hill United Reformed Church. Weeks 1, 3 and 5 of each month are led by our choirmaster Seb, who enthusiastically teaches us new songs and tries to impart musical knowledge to us. In between, weeks 2 and 4 are the more informal ‘sing-along’ sessions led by Andy and Christine. You can try one session of each free, then either come to both, or whichever style of singing suits you best. We ask a £10 annual membership fee, due in September (£5 if joining after March) then only pay when you attend.
When you try a Seb session please don’t be daunted by it. Some of the songs we sing with Seb are old favourites that we’ve been practising for a while and may even sound quite good by now! We will provide you with music and help you through your first session. We start a new song every few months, and then we’ll be in it together learning it from scratch.
Some of the songs we have learnt (or are still learning) are 
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water
  • Queen Medley
  • Thank you for the Music
  • The Jungle Book Medley
  • Lean on Me
  • Take Me Home Country Roads
  • Oliver Medley
  • Santiana (sea shanty)
We really hope that after your free introductory sessions you will decide to join us. If so, please return the enclosed GDPR form and your £10 (or £5) annual membership fee, so that we can send you guide tracks to practise with and help you learn the songs, We will also keep you in touch with all the choir news and information.
If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to speak to one of the committee members – we’re keen to include everyone in making this choir a success!
Kind Regards,
Your BVCC committee - Andy, Pam, Sarah, Ian, John, Christine, Kate, Mary.
Important info:
Week Number Time Session Type
1, 3, 5 6:30-8pm Choir led by Seb
2, 4 7:00-8pm Singalong led by committee members

Location:          Abbey Hill United Reformed Church, Abbey Hill, Kenilworth CV8 1LW
Contact us:      Email: badvken@gmail.com
                          Tel: 858668 or 07778 791 365
                          Facebook: Bad Vibrations Community Choir – Kenilworth
Costs:              £10 annual membership; payable in September (£5 if joining after March)           
£5 per week payable on arrival for Seb nights
£3 per week payable on arrival for Singalong nights